I’m glad you found me over here in my new home. What do you think? It’s a little more updated than my previous place. So what’s new and what’s not: Well, this is still a blog based on our life, only these days I don’t have toddlers who give me material for highly amusing posts that contain lots of toddler-isms, stories about poo or my chasing my tail in a vain attempt to remain calm and one step ahead of it all…oh, alright then, that last bit is a lie. I still chase my tail in a vain attempt to remain calm and one step ahead of it all.

I have added navigation buttons at the top of the blog which will hopefully direct you to the correct page for whatever I’m writing on that day and I’ll pop a little notification on this page to let you know where to look. It might be that I’ve written a longer post or a recipe for you to try or I’ve added some hints, tips and links to places, things or otherwise that I find cute, cool or useful that you might too.

What you won’t find here is lots of blog posts about the kids all of whom are grown and pretty independent now. T is 18 and away at University studying international development and geography, W is 16 and successfully got into one of the best drama schools in the country (so that was a real twist in the tale of where we thought his path lay!) and is loving his life there in the sixth form studying acting as well as three A levels, and I is just choosing her options for GCSEs and singing, singing, singing. As far as they go, that will be all you’ll get about them and their lives.

I have, over the last couple of days added primarily to the pages on Travel and Baking, so if you haven’t checked them out, please do. I also have a recipe to put up for vegetable spring rolls at the weekend, so make sure you come back to get it.

Lastly, please comment. If you like a particular recipe or place I’ve recommended or you have some of your own suggestions, let me know.

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