Family Tree

I thought as I have a few moments of quiet, I’d share a post about our Christmas tree decorations. I have long admired people’s trees and their colour combinations and for many years when I first started putting up my own Christmas tree, I had a colour theme. Purple one year, tartan another etc. Then along came the children. Christmas tree decorating was no longer akin to something out of House and Home, but instead the gradual increase of homemade glitter encrusted delights adorned the tree and my inner freak was quietly screaming about why nothing matched or looked classy, why were there frickin’ egg boxes hanging on my tree and handmade cotton wool snowmen with faces of Lazy Town characters or the cat we had when the kids were 3!  But this phase soon passed and actually, taught me a lesson I think. My tree no longer looks like something that should be standing in John Lewis but rather it is a tree FULL of our family memories.  Just about every ornament we hang on the tree these days has been collected with love from somewhere we’ve visited, or it’s come from a close friend or relative. Nothing matches, there’s not colour scheme, but I just. don’t. care.  For the first time this year only one of my children will be putting the decorations on with me and actually that could be really sad.  The time has quite seriously flown.  However, when we start reminiscing about the trip we had to x or y when we get to the decoration we bought from there, or laugh about the gaudiness of another one, the tree becomes so much more than just a pretty piece of decorated foliage, it becomes a part of our family and reminds us all how important just enjoying the moments are. Anyway. Take a look!

The ones in the first photograph are the newest ones, we got those on our travels this year. There’s a bauble from New York, a Viking from Estonia, a Matroushka egg from Russia and a wooden bishop from Latvia.  I ‘think’ we got the terracotta bell in Finland and the red ball thing from Andalusia?   The second picture shows decorations from Uganda, New York again, Berlin and Disneyland Paris.  I’ll let you work out the third picture!  We also have decorations from Denmark, New Hampshire and London, as well as ones with the kids names on, which is always very exciting as my daughter’s name is never usually spelt the way we spell it, so to find one for her is always a moment of excitement even at the age she is now. Each decoration I can often remember exactly where I bought it too, so we have a Starbucks one (tacky as shite but I love it!) and a yellow cab that we bought on the top of the empire state building!

Again, fairly self explanatory, except my husband doesn’t play an instrument… so he’s the bottle of wine 😉  The masks came from a ball that we went to in 2006 in Connecticut. After the event they were just throwing away all these beautiful Venetian style masks, so being the hoarder I am, they have created beautiful additions to the tree for the last 12 years and are always asked about by visitors and friends. 

Here’s the finished thing.

1 thought on “Family Tree

  1. Love decorations full of stories and memories X


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