I’m pretty sure I’ve probably covered this topic before somewhere, if not in a public broadcast, then definitely somewhere in my head… many times!  I am a hoarder, a stockpiler, a ‘preparer for every eventuality’, my alter ego, however, likes things neat, tidy and minimalist (she hasn’t had much of a voice over time it has to be said. she needs some help with public speaking I think). It can be a little bit of a Gollum situation “my precious”, “no precious, we don’t needs it!”

Let’s get some perspective here though, I come from a family of hoarders. Both my grandparents lived through the first and second world wars and were from an era of reusing, recycling and re-purposing. They also lived through rationing, so there was a need to ensure they used things carefully, stockpile where they could and never throw much away. Perhaps, less the stockpiling, (although if we believe what some are telling us about Brexit), this is something we really ought to be living our lives by. However, it would appear that this style of living is quite probably a genetic hand-me-down. Both my mother (sorry mum!) and I are also hoarders (I think my sis is too). I remember clearly after my paternal grandmother died, my parents cleared her home and found tins and jars dating back to the 60’s! My mum found jam in her own cupboard not so long ago dating back to when we moved into the house they’re in now…I was 7 !!!!!!!!

Since my boys have gone away to university and college, I am finding myself with a much reduced food bill (hooray), but it also means that stuff I had bought in bulk, isn’t getting eaten as it was one or other son who particularly liked it. I’m sure there are many parents that can relate to this one: cereal a for child 1, child 2 tolerates that but prefers cereal b, child c doesn’t like cereal at all but prefers another form of breakfast food, but doesn’t like the same variety of that that child 1 or 2 like… ad infinitum.  As you can appreciate, shopping was a form of hell. These days I don’t even keep up with the change over of seasons in the stores ha ha! 

So, I decided to have a real clear out. The chickens are having porridge this week to keep them warm! 

I make jams, chutneys and pickles along with the bread and other stuff, and it would appear my cupboards are a map of my life. I obviously had a period of  relative freedom or ‘easy parenting’  in 2014, as there are beets and veggies, chutneys and jams dating back to this time whereas time has become more and more sparse since then and so has the produce. However, one thing I did discover was that I made marmalade last year!  Marmalade to me is like Marmite to others, I find it really strong and bitter, but my husband likes it!  So I decided that it really was time to purge and this means eating some of the stuff I’ve made. It was YUMMY! I think I’ll have to make more, only I need to get rid of 2007’s pickled courgettes first to make space (WTF was I thinking, they look as disgusting as they smell!). 

Now I need to work on my yarn cupboards…..nah! That can wait another decade, you never know…..

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