Pause, rewind…

If only eh?

This is the time of Christmas that I despise (I know, sorry!). I love the build up, the need to hibernate, the darkening nights, the anticipation, the cooking, the nest building, the return of my children, the time off from work…then, it’s over. I enjoy purging and clean the house from top to bottom, make plans for the coming year, organise and start over, but this year, it’s hit me harder than ever that I’m just kidding myself with this starting over in a fresh new year business! The kids are growing so fast, things are changing, there is no rewinding, just moving forward. Whilst that isn’t a bad thing in itself, it is the one thing I find hardest to do. I miss our days when the kids were little and we lived in our clapboard cottage in the Connecticut woods, where we were snowed in for days and could spend hours just sat on the floor playing games or singing and dancing. This year we only managed to play one family game, it’s not snowed at all and the kids have plans that don’t include us, and why not!

Still, maudlin is no great way to start 2019, I am excited for their futures and the paths they’ve chosen to go down, and I am sure the memories forged from this point forward will be just as strong in the coming years.

Yesterday I used the new gadget I’d spent some of my Christmas money on; it’s a yoghurt and cheese maker from Lakeland. I wanted one that did both that didn’t break the bank and this one, from reviews, seemed to be the best. Sadly yes, it’s all plastic, but it’s easy to clean and I plan to use it for years to come.

The results of my first batch are probably a 6/10. It tastes great, I added a teaspoon of honey and some blueberries for a refreshing lift, but it was a little curdled to look at. I think I may not have quite got it down to the exact temperature before I put in the starter yoghurt? It seems faffy. Why not buy yoghurt? Personally I think it is a great way to eliminate the individual pots of yoghurt, a great way to use up excess milk which (after Christmas) when we’ve had people staying we’ve always got more in that we used, it’s fun, I can use all kinds of milk including almond or coconut and the cost per batch less than £1 for the equivalent of 10 + individual pots from the supermarket.

So onwards in 2019. I have to do some planning for school today, then look forward to booking in some of the experience gifts we were given for Christmas. Roll on Spring!

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