Farm life

Well, that’s what I dream of and today, ladies and gents, I got the closest so far towards upping our livestock intake. I actually got my other half to consider the idea of something pig or goat like when we no longer have the day jobs! Oh wow!

Anyhoo, we have had a hugely productive day. Tell me what it is about stacking wood that is so satisfying. It ticks everyone of my organisational boxes. It’s just pleasing to the eye to find the exact right place for that exact cut of wood. We had a huge store of wood that had been drying out after we had some old dying trees cut down about 5 years ago.

We needed to shift it to a more practical and accessible place. Of course, as you know, one job always ends up creating a thousand more and from this one task we ended up pruning the orchard, cutting out lots of deadwood from the garden, weeding around the gooseberry patch and cutting out more old wood. In the end we had a massive pile for the bonfire, but how pleasing it feels to finally be on top of this.

You might be wondering how I did with the waste challenge I set myself and my daughter last week. The answer is not that well. I seemed to be doing okay until a delivery came that was secured with some of those weird sharp plastic strips. the delivery was a frame for a printed piece of fabric we brought back from somewhere and that we’ve been meaning to hang forever (another one of ‘those’ jobs!). We’d had to order a custom made frame for it and this then came wrapped in more plastic film. There was then inners of food we had over the course of the week, my medication comes in plastic and other bits and bobs. In all honesty, I had pretty much filled the jar by Wednesday and then we also filled half of our regular kitchen bin. So the result was that we did better than a normal week, but we are far from doing well. I will re-assess in a few month time as we are transitioning with some things and obviously this will have a knock on effect.

This evening (my favourite evening), I have sour dough proving ready to go in the oven tomorrow and my favourite tv show at 8pm.

I love Sundays like this, maybe I should give up the day job already šŸ˜‰

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  1. Definitely worth thinking about. šŸ¤”


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