Have you been Kondo’d?

So I did it! I watched an episode on Netflix and then I had a go! If you’re wondering what on earth I’m babbling about now, well, it’s the show that everyone (over the age of 40) is talking about…Marie Kondo!!

I’ve not done it all, it’d take me years, and I’m sorry, but people think I’m mad enough without me saying ‘thank you’ to an old bobbly jumper I bought in a second hand store, but I had a go. If you aren’t sure about Marie Kondo, google her, but basically her main mantra is ‘only have things in your home that bring you joy’ or words to that effect. If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go.

I know I am a hoarder, we’ve done that before, but I also cling to clothing, you may well understand this. I keep clothes for different occasions, sure, doesn’t everyone? But then I also keep clothes that perhaps don’t fit me as well as they used to in the hopes that one day they might again. What I don’t take into consideration is that I am not getting any younger dahling and fashion has changed since 1980, although things do come back around, however, the likelihood that ra-ra skirts are going to make a huge comeback before I’m receiving my bus pass is, well, pretty slim. (I apologise for those readers who now wish to burn their eyeballs at the thought of me wearing a ra-ra skirt at the age of 46!)

Can I tell you though, it is liberating (no, not wearing a ra-ra skirt, although….) but only owning enough pairs of underpants for two weeks, ditto, socks. Compartmentalising my ‘crap’ drawers in the kitchen and bedroom…I have a few of them. I’ve freed myself from odd earrings, jewellery that I’ve had since I was six, pens without lids, pens that don’t work, pens in excess (I am a teacher!). I have reduced my shoe collection to those that I wear and don’t have holes.

This then has to extend to my buying habits which, to be fair, are generally only of the ‘bargain to be had’ mentality. If I want something, I’m going to walk away, think about it, see if I know where it’ll fit or what I’ll wear it with, wait at least 48 hours before purchasing if that’s what I decide, and when or if we do buy, it needs to be a purchase that will last. On that note, just a little shout out to Le Creuset who replaced my 20 year old casserole dish lid handle for free last week as the thread had gone in it. Thank you for that as the pan itself has at least another 50 years of life!

Currently at work I’m teaching Buddhism, dukkha and the eightfold pathway (again, give it a google if you’re curious!) and even managed to squeeze in a little bit of Konmarie training for my year 8’s this week. I assure you, they were mightily impressed (they’ll thank me one day).

Of course, it’s one thing to cull your bras and knickers but apparently there’s an section on books and sentimental stuff…yeah, Marie Kondo no longer brings me joy!

Addendum: I just had to add onto this that hubby decided this weekend that he too would have a clear out of his wardrobe. I am ashamed (for him) to admit he had pale bleached denim jeans that Boy George has been asking to be returned to him since 1984 (bleugh!), an unopened calendar from 2014!!!!! Shirts still in their packaging and more neck warmers than even a giraffe could cope with. Suffice to say, his pile outweighed mine! He’s going to take it all to the weigh and pay place next weekend and has been banned from buying any new clothes with the return *sigh*.

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