Half Term Shenanigans

We’ve been off visiting our eldest this week, so that has meant another trip to Norwich (ah, shame!). I’ve updated the travel page with a new restaurant we tried this time, The Tipsy Vegan.

We had our first experience of AirBnB this time and it was really fantastic. We stayed at Ketts Hill so were easily able to walk into the city each day. I found the morning buns at Jarrolds and literally frogmarched the fam into the cafe at 10am on morning 2 on a mission to find them. Of course, they contain currants, so middle teen refused them, littlest teen also chose something else (heathens!!), but dearest husband realised which side his bread was buttered and dutifully ventured back to my childhood with me. I was thrilled, he was less so and has been spoiled by Bakergirl in Great Tew (a local gem) so the comparison was not on par to our local ‘morning buns’ apparently (hardly surprising, these morning buns, husband dearest, are over 40 years old!!)

We spent time playing bucket head in The Plough, exploring the city’s beautiful old streets, visiting the Viking exhibition at The castle, eating in lots of cafe’s, rummaging through thrift stores and finding gems! Nourishing the soul.

I’ve also been working hard on setting up the local branch of The Red Box Project and we’re hopefully going to be present in 4 schools in the next month. We have our first volunteer/supporter meet this afternoon! I am equally excited and nervous.

Finally, half term is always a time for catching up with jobs and seeing friends or family. My choir performed with a professional orchestra at the start of the week which was a lovely success and I’ve been kept pretty busy with interest for our singing workshop with Voices Foundation during Easter.

We’ve been to Nottingham to celebrate my niece’s 16th, I’ve re-potted all my house plants and finally taken my cello in for an overhaul/new bridge. I think I need a half term for a rest now!

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