Greetings from cold, hot, sunny, rainy, not-so-United Kingdom right now.

We had snow yesterday, not much, but a flurry or two, this was following on from a couple of weeks back where our February temperatures soared into the mid teens and we were teased into thinking Spring had sprung. Hmmm. Obviously living on this island as we do with a close latitude to parts of British Columbia, this isn’t a surprise that we might get snow in March, but I think it’s fair to say our world is struggling right now to maintain some kind of equilibrium with us on it.

We’re also days away from our exit day from the EU and there is still no deal reached? With Brussels and our prime minister in a stalemate, I am not hopeful that we are going to come away from this with anything positive at all. I don’t remember much about life before being in Europe, other than in my lifetime, so much has changed with growth and new technology etc, suffice to say that in 40+ years we have evolved with this union, technology evolved, thus laws, security, justice, what we import, export ad infinitum and I really struggle to see how on March 29th we will suddenly be perfectly fine managing all this by ourselves with just a quick pull of the plug, but then what do I know?

I wasn’t going to get all ranty in this post today and was really going to post something positive and hopeful, but when I discovered that £100+ had been taken from my account from a seed company and no seed order had been placed, I kind of saw rant mode. Those of you who grow your own, nay use your homegrown to try to reduce your food bills in the summer and autumn months will appreciate that seed purchase starts in January. I generally plan the planting in December and buy in the New Year. That way I get what I need without it being sold out. Over the years I’ve also preferred particular breeds of plant too for it’s yield or resistance. You can imagine my pissed-off-ness to discover that this company had actually failed to process the order that I’d put in with them and, had I not checked because I was a little surprised things hadn’t begun to arrive, I would have been non the wiser until about May probably, but that’s okay because they’d had my money *sigh*! So, hip hoorah, I have had to start again, mid March and yes, early potatoes are nearly all sold out, I can’t get the cuc seeds I go for or the tomato plants I like best. For a smallholder this is beyond frustrating as it puts me behind. Needless (or rather Seedless;-) ) to say, I’ve ordered from a different mail order company this time and I’m just going to have to go with the flow, which, I suppose is a bit like the country at the moment.

On a happy note though, I got to feed these lovely fellas last week. My workplace has bought a pair of lambs for raising so my Friday morning ‘chore’ (one cannot call it that!) is feeding them for 10-15 mins.

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