It’s nearly the end of Sunday again…I’m sure it was just Saturday morning 5 minutes ago.

I’ve been making butter this weekend and lemon-lime curd. I feel I know what I’m having for supper this evening!

I’ve really got into watching ‘Alaska, the last frontier’ some evenings in the week when R is away and last week the episode was about the Thanksgiving gifts they were making for each other that had to be made traditionally. Tucked away in my garage is a traditional butter churner (not a beautiful wooden one, but a jar version). I have to admit, I’ve used it once. I love all the heritage crafts and traditions that more and more people are bringing back into their lives, but seriously, butter churning is NOT one I would ever do without my kenwood. It took (with single cream I add!) over 20 minutes to turn. I think I would have given up if I’d have gone by the traditional method. This butter doesn’t last particularly long (partly because we love it), but I made two patties and have frozen one.

The curd ended up as curd (I was going to do marmalade) because I have had a glut of eggs recently and needed to use some up. I experimenting mailing one to my mum…let me know mum if it arrives unspilled and in one piece.

What else has been happening at the Beehive, well, I have my grade 3 cello exam tomorrow. You’d think it’d be a cinch, but my biggest fear is losing marks on something like aural, that would be seriously rubbish!

I’ve also been working with Red Box Project, we’ve set one up here now and are in 5 schools and hoping to extend to primary schools soon. Come September, Phillip Hammond has stated that sanitary products will be free in all secondary schools and colleges, but the campaign still has to work on lowering that to include primaries. Until such time, obviously we’re still needed.

R rotovated the allotment this weekend but it’s still too cold to put anything in. We’ve got potatoes waiting, and garlic, but at 4 degrees and a few hailstones today, I don’t think winter is truly out of the picture yet. Hopefully we’ll get them in in the next fortnight or so.

Finally, did you see the lambs? They’re not ours, sadly, but we get to feed them on Friday mornings before work. They are becoming so adept at feeding from the bottle that the joy of spending 10 minutes with them trying to encourage them to feed is now a 30 second job whilst the one that finishes first is trying to suck anything else that might represent a teat! I’ve called them Fili and Kili after the hobbits.

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