Teen breakfasts and time savers

Living with a teen means that breakfasts in their ideal world would not even commence until after 10.30am. However, when they need to be up and on a school bus, I need something to tempt that is quick and easy, especially if I have to get to work too, I just don’t have the time. She is not a cereal eater, and only toast if there is an x in the month, she will eat fruit, but I would like her to have something a little more substantial before a day of school.

I experimented with using some of my left over starter this weekend in some fluffy ‘dollar’ pancakes. For the English amongst you, these are smaller, like scotch pancakes and much thicker. According to my daughter and my youngest son who was also home this weekend, these were a success. So I made a couple of batches and have frozen a load in greaseproof paper to separate them in twos. This was she can get a couple out the night before and just heat them through on the griddle. Of course, this may well not be the end of the situation because she has to remember to get a couple out the night before to defrost, but it’s an extra possibility!

Another time saver I’m experimenting with is making up a few jars of cake/cookie mix. Quite often when one or other of my children is home, they ask for cookies etc and I just figured if I kept a few dry mixes in the cupboard, they can just get on and make their own and it always means I’ve then got the ingredients for some kind of cookie or cake in stock. I’m going to make up a couple of jars of brownie mix this week because we have guests coming over the next few months and it will mean that I can knock something up really fast without needing to faff with measuring it all out. It all probably seems a bit of a waste of time, you may as well make it up when you need it, but I work 4 days out of 5, so this way, I can make stuff up on my day off so it’s ready for use whenever and don’t have to say to anyone ‘I don’t have time’.

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