Half Term

It’s been a lovely, if not brief half term with lots going on as usual. I made a mobile from bits we found on the beach in Thailand a few years ago that have been gathering dust in a pot in the downstairs loo, then I re organised the garage which resulted in some fantastic finds that I pimped the shed with! A lot of time was spent working on the allotment and tidying up the garden as we had some warm and dry days. I spent a day in St Albans waiting for my youngest as she participated in a Musical Theatre day at Tring Performing Arts School. I found a refill shop…actually, find isn’t strictly true, I tend to scout out happy places before I go, hence why I ended up in St. Albans. We had been meaning to go to The Clean Kilo in Digbeth but somehow hadn’t quite got around to it, so I had lots of bottles and containers I needed to refill with some pantry stuff.

Later in the week, we went into London for a couple of days for the youngest to catch up with a friend and then we’d hoped to do the Churchill cabinet war rooms, but had stupidly not equated it was half term, so all the tickets were sold out. Instead we managed to happily kill a couple of hours at Camden Market taking in the smells and colours. Eventually the push of the tourists and crowds got too much for the bumpkins in us and we got an early train home. Arriving home I was greeted by a gift of my favourite goat hand cream all the way from my dear friend in the US. I was blown away by her thought and generosity. It’s amazing how these little gestures burn on our hearts forever.

This weekend has seen us starting on a project we’ve been waiting to do. We have a rather dead area of lawn in the back, it gets next to no light and the turf was laid over the hardcore of an old pond. It has no depth and nothing much grows. My middle child and I worked like Trojans removing the stones and moss/turf and laid the weed matting in a day. Next weekend we are hoping to install a built up bed with railway sleepers and an area for ferns and shade loving plants under the arch, then we have a delivery of slate chippings to go over the matting. On completion the fire bowl will go here.

Finally today was taken up by a huge harvest of honey. We’d had to put everything on hold to take this off as it doesn’t take long for it to solidify in the frames and turn to sugar at this time of year. We don’t take all the honey off as we have way more than we can use or sell. We were able to return all the set ones and some more that weren’t capped so the bees will have plenty for the June gap.

It’s been busy. Reading this now, I can’t believe we’ve crammed this much into one week. I hope, if you had a half term, you had a good one.

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