Refill Pantry: a quick review

I thought I’d write a quick review for The Refill Pantry in St. Albans for anyone who fancies a trip. I’ll also pop one up for The Clean Kilo in Birmingham soon too.

So this is walking distance from the main shopping centre and there is parking close by (pay and display). The shop itself looks inviting from the front with a clear board outside, so you won’t miss it. It’s open 7 days a week too!

Inside, the store is on two levels, not full floors, but the back of the shop is up some steps, so not ideal if you have a buggy or find steps a challenge in anyway. However, that said, the assistant in there was really helpful, but I could forsee you would struggle if you wanted to browse but had mobility issues.

The front of the store is set aside for grocery stuff, refills of oils, vinegars, dry goods, coffee and tea. I have a set list of things that we use a lot in our house: loose tea, coffee beans, various flours, oils, vinegar, peppermint tea and spices. It didn’t let me down with one of those, I was able to restock with it all.

The back of the shop is body care stuff. They have a wealth of deodorants, wipes and various goods, then there are huge dispensers with laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing up liquid, conditioner, shampoos – and there is a choice too!

There’s also a smaller selection of things such as reusable mugs, chocolate, bamboo toothbrushes which were on a small table in the middle of the lower section.

It’s a lovely gem of a shop. I filled all my containers with everything I needed (and some yoghurt raisins, because…I can’t resist!). The down side is the two levels, the lack of on site parking and the fact the shop is small. I was initially the only one in there. When you’re buying stuff in refills, you need to have space to put down your bags because they get heavy, so I’d taken over a corner, but soon more people came in, some with kids and buggies and I started to feel my stuff was in the way, but I couldn’t carry it around the store without bashing into things. So, it’s small. However, for a town centre based shop that isn’t over priced, it’s cute. The decor is lovely too, basic, rustic. Well done The Refill Pantry of St Albans….can someone just bring one nearer to me?

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