Mixing with the Hoi-Polloi!

Mr Beehive and myself went into London this weekend. We’ve been buying each other ‘memory’ type gifts for birthday and Christmas over the last couple and we’d saved a few up for the same weekend. We had tickets to Hamilton, a trip on the London Eye and a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant, all very lovely thank you!

We started the morning by battling with our strong willed teen daughter over her need to dress appropriately for her D of E when the heavens hadn’t relented since the previous Thursday. Call us kill joys, but we kind of felt that leggings and a crop top might not fit the bill *sigh*. We advised waterproof clothing and fought a long and arduous (one which I won’t bore you with) argument about her need to wear this stuff. Eventually she left with Mr B as I couldn’t stomach it anymore, wearing her waterproof coat undone and her waterproof trousers tucked into her socks!

Being the parents of boys who have always loved the outdoors and scouting (and who also have less of a concern about their appearance), this has been somewhat of an eye opener to us! Luckily my friend was on hand at the drop off to quite literally come to Richard’s aid and hoike the damned trousers out of the socks with a quick yank and a sharp word. I love friends who fight my battles! Suffice to say the whole expedition was actually successful, all her friends were dressed appropriately and she came back on Sunday full of stories about rescuing sheep, being chased by cows and wanting to do Silver. I just hope it’ll be sunny *sigh*.

We arrived quite early, so grabbed a bit of lunch and then wandered down Victoria street. Victoria street is quite built up with high rises, so whilst we were walking we heard a roaring sound, that was getting closer and louder. It was actually quite disturbing in a built up part of the city where you know planes shouldn’t fly as low as this one sounded. Fortunately it turned out to be the Red Arrows in formation. My goodness, what a lot of noise and smoke, but a fly past for the Queen’s birthday!

Hamilton was, as expected, absolutely amazing and it was also fun to notice that Freema Agyeman was in the audience just in front of us and not one person seemed to notice! That must be a real blessing when you’re an actor.

Hamilton Set Victoria Theatre 2019

Our meal was at the fancy pants Galvin La Chapelle in Spitalfields. Being on a voucher, we were only allowed to dine after 9pm on a Saturday evening and were given a specific menu to choose from. We were expecting that to be honest. The place itself is incredible inside, there are waiters, someliers, people who only serve the water, people who only collect finished plates and of course the manager (I have no idea what you call all these different positions of waiting on, but there were so many that if you went to the bathroom, by the time you came back your napkin had been folded again by the napkin folder waiter and your cutlery replaced by the cutleryreplacerwaiter….my god!). However, for all the pomp, the food and the staff were wonderful, I have never eaten cold green soup that tastes so exquisite before now.

At one point, they served us the wrong main course, it was an accident, it was meant to go to the next table. No big deal, we didn’t eat it and the head honcho had realised the mistake of his waiter before we could even say thank you. It was whipped away with profuse and extensive apologies, so much so, I actually wondered if realised that his waiter had just served the wrong meal and not cut off my head! We had a bit of a chuckle about the self flagellation afterwards and thought no more about it, although we did wonder if maybe they thought we were critics with the reaction it’d caused (although everyone’s a critic these days!). As dessert was served up, the boss man came out with a sweet dessert wine for us to have on him…one he had personally paired with our choice. We were a bit taken aback, and presumed it maybe came with the meal until we looked around at all the other post 9pm voucher paupers and realised that no one else had this special addition to their Groupon. We smiled around at the rest of the dinners, with bobs of our heads and a raise of our glasses…chin chin dahhhlings showed them all how to get ahead in voucher-land all whilst humming:

Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da ya da!

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