School’s nearly out for summer!

I’ve been a bit quiet of late which is unsurprising as the school year comes to an end! For many it winds down, as a musician, it ramps up, so we’ve been busy with concerts and recitals. Added to this I’ve had essays to submit for my masters degree, a new role as tutor next academic year 90lbs of honey to bottle and new chickens to buy.

We’ve seemed to cram every weekend full of garden chores because the weeds don’t stop growing just because you’re busy. We’ve turned one area of our garden over to a slated fire pit area. It was in the shade and the grass (which was actually only a layer of about 1cm before some hardcore) just wasn’t growing, it looked a mess. Number 2 son and I dug up the top surface and laid membrane and a good inch or so of slate. Mr Beehive built me some raised beds to set it all off and it looks amazing now.

This weekend we have a shed to put together that’s been sat on the drive for over a month! It’s just a small shed that we’re planning to store our allotment produce in over the winter. It will need insulating and a vent putting in, but I’m sure Mr Beehive’s DIY will extend to that.

We finished Fort FoxyKnoxy and have re introduced chickens to the enclosure. These were purchased from somewhere I’d never intended to buy from, but they looked really healthy and are the most friendly birds. Each morning when I let them out, they crouch down for a fuss and one of them had laid an egg within hours of arriving, a sign I took for contentment! We are praying that by extending the height of the walls of the enclosure (it already goes down with netting by around 50cm) up to 10ft and adding some pigeon prevention tracks on the top of the gate, the fox will need to be pretty desperate to get in this time.

The summer itself will of course be full of more chores, lots of bottling of veg I expect and harvesting, the kids have various activities they’ll be doing and will need ferrying to, we will get some time away and I have a pile of books in my bedroom along with my journal that I hope to get some time to devour/be creative in on a daily basis. I also have a project that needs to be carried out relating to my masters and also plan to find time for lots of yoga. Hopefully by the autumn I’ll be fully refreshed ready to jump back on the hamster wheel once more.

I think that’s it for now. I’m off for a few days to canoe and paddle board with some year 10 students on their residential, so wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be back in one piece in a few days.

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