Sea breezes and sandy toes.

Last week I was in Hengistbury Head with some students and got the time to just soak up some of these amazing views from our south coast. Seriously, who needs to go overseas for this?! I also finished reading Lucy Siegle’s book whilst I was there and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge on plastics and/or needs to help a friend or themselves kick start their plastic elimination. It wasn’t a condescending read, which was my fear and was enlightening regarding the whys and why-nots as to recycling plastic, something many feel is ‘the solution’ it described why it clearly isn’t. Give it a go anyway. I’m happy to loan out my copy.

I love this particular trip each year, lots of water sports which includes me falling of a paddleboard many times and inhaling lots of brackish water because I’m laughing so hard, but I also love the time to just look at the view. I mean, who wouldn’t love to sit and watch this view all day.

And a few more photos of our week: The beach huts from my kayak (I did actually paddle there and back!), our firepit area in all its evening glory and some beautiful handicrafts at my son’s outdoor Shakespeare this weekend. I am definitely going to make me some of these over the summer! How beautiful with the tassels! Have a great week.

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