Last days of summer

1st September, again!

This final week before everyone goes back to school and uni has been spent harvesting honey, crops from the allotment, flowers; making chutney, wax and putting together the ‘latrine’. Yes, its unfortunate name has come about because…simply, it looks like one! This project is our ‘root cellar’, only, it’s not a cellar. We store lots of stuff in the garage, but above the garage is my studio, the temperature fluctuates and we often lose stuff because of it. One of my fave shows has been ‘Alaska, the final frontier’ (sad to say, but if you followed my previous blog, you’d know I am a closet Laura Ingalls!), however, we don’t have the space, time or money to dig about 10 ft under ground to create one, nor do we have a suitable basement. Therefore we used the ever efficient Mr Google to find an alternative and this is the result. Frankly it looks like the kind of place one might hide in a nuclear fall out or when the martians land with all the insulation wrap, but this was/is how we keep it fairly constant temperature and we’ll put in a vent in the door so the place breathes and doesn’t sweat. I am going to add some free standing shelving with old bricks and crates later today once I finish putting chicken wire over the floor to keep out rodents and hopefully we’ll be able to transfer lots of our pickles, potatoes, apples, etc to this and keep them from rotting.

This morning I woke to 8 teenagers in the house for breakfast. A couple of my kids had other kids over last night and thus my kitchen looked like a bagel cafe in Brooklyn for an hour or so. This is how I love my house, messy (ish – ok, I like to clean it up too!) and noisy from these people we made and their friends that they made. Sadly they’re all gone now and probably won’t be back like this until next summer as the main bunch of them are A level students this year, so I think most of the holidays we’ll have they’ll all be busy revising. It’s going to be weird going from 8 this morning, to 1 this time next Sunday when even my two lads have gone back to their respective colleges.

I always like and hate this time of year in equal measure. On the one hand the colours are glorious, the mornings, misty and fresh, the harvest is abundant and it signifies new starts to me, more so than the New Year. I often find this is a better time for me to make new goals; this year I’m putting in more ‘me’ stuff – I have a couple of silver-smithing classes lined up and a pottery class. I’m not working on Wednesday mornings so I’m hoping to make more time to catch up with one or two friends at The Straw Cafe. It’s also the time of year to start dreaming about next years’ holiday , but that seems a bit counter productive against my desire to stop the clocks!

And that’s the other hand; it’s a reminder that the days are drawing in and the weather is about to turn colder, it is also a reminder for me that my kids are getting older and moving on. Although that will mean thick sweaters with chunky socks and roaring log fires…which will be lovely for the first couple of weeks and then I may really plan my next year’s holiday!!

Anyone else wish they could just press pause once in a while?

Enjoy your last days of summer x

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