Plastic-free faves

I thought I’d do a ‘favourite plastic free items’ post this weekend. These items are the things that have helped me most reduce my plastic use. They are not sponsored items, so just search around to get the best deals if you’re inspired to do so.

The lower two pictures show my Emsa mug for hot drinks and a metal water bottle. Both these I bought from Amazon and the latter is nameless, however it came with both a sports cap and this normal top and it keeps the water really cold all day. I have been using both of these for at least 2 years and they haven’t failed me yet.

My dehydrator tends to sit on a shelf until this time of year, but then it’s a life saver, I can dry all sorts saving me space in my freezer and also meaning that I don’t need to buy spices and herbs in plastic either. I’ve owned my dehydrator for around 11 years!! It’s a Bomann if you are interested in the make; it sits on the counter and then goes away on a shelf when not in use. There are five layers to it, so you can do five separate items at once. My only slight wish to change is that it were a little quieter!

My cloche – I suppose my cloche itself is not a plastic reducer, except that I’ve not bought a loaf of bread in plastic for around 3 years now. We do, sometimes, buy bagels because I literally do not have the time to make them (very long process) and my family love them, however, I take the plastic back to the supermarkets. This one is a Mason Cash and cost around £30. I have owned one of these for around 5 years and the other is newer as I was given one for my birthday after I broke my last one by being an idiot and putting it immediately under a cold tap after taking it out of the oven – DOH!

Cloth bags – not even worth me photographing the amount of these we have around the house, but I have now bought some net type bags to put loose produce in . A bit extreme, but we have two cars so I have all the bags and nets in the back of both. I have been caught out in the past, doing a supermarket shop and the bags being in the back of the other car! I am a bit of a sucker for a cool reusable bag, so probably own more than is necessary! I do use them for work too.

Tea towels – save my life: I have small cloth towels that I use instead of kitchen roll (although I DO have a roll of kitchen towel as I have an elderly dog and very occasionally need to clean up her mess and I am NOT doing that with any reusable towel!). Old bath towels are recycled in the dog crate or for cleaning paws after mucky walks. Oh, and beeswax wraps. I have no use for cling film anymore. In fact we have a huge unopened box sitting on top of our units. I’m not sure what to do with it!

Jars – kilner, jam, glass ones that I get other products in. These are seriously the best thing I’ve discovered to helping me reduce. My shelves are full of them, my freezer is full of them, my fridge, my bathroom. Cheap if you reuse the ones you buy with other products in, even cheaper if you get a reputation for taking other people’s jars and reusing them!!

Chickens! I kid you not. I’ve not bought shop bought chicken eggs for around 9 years! I recycle all the egg boxes from my friends who buy eggs or buy my eggs too. On the odd occasion I’ve had one that’s fallen apart I’ve then used it to chit potatoes or plant seeds.

Bamboo toothbrush, Bamboo toothbrush holder, little cloth make up wipes and my Fit Pit deodorant. I think I’ve mentioned before that it took me a while to adapt to using a fully natural deodorant, but I’m really happy.

Modi Bodi. Yup, we’re going to talk sanitary protection. I do NOT get on with a mooncup. So I have a mix now of these, which I love for the beginning and end, but for the heavy middle part I have reusable pads. I do still have one or two throwaways for travel. The outlay for this is quite expensive and I think I got a voucher to reduce my cost, but I hope it will save me money in the long run. My teen daughter though thinks that reusable san pro is yucky and won’t use it. I do get it when you’re at school all day. My job is not to force her to feel uncomfortable because I insist on something, just hope that she’ll feel inspired to do the same as she gets older.

The most important thing about my journey is not to beat myself up if I can’t do it all fully plastic free immediately or even, at all until things change in shops etc. I also want to make this blog real. Some things I really don’t get on with: mooncups – not for me! I have a bamboo razor which is from bulldog and it works on my legs, but because it’s not a woman’s razor designed to do underarms, it gives me a horrid rash, so I’m still using a plastic razor! Shampoo bars – give me dreadlocks, however, I did see something recently about someone who grated hers up and mixed with water and that seems better than trying to scrub a bar of soap on my head!! Make up. I don’t wear much, but honestly, I’m not paying over £20 for a reusable bamboo pot for blusher – sorry! Bring the cost down, make it something I can refill in my local boots, then I will contemplate it.

I can, however, highly recommend these various things that I’ve posted as being long lasting and worth the outlay. You won’t be throwing them in the landfill.

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