Weekending and wondering

This weekend was our village Apple Day. My husband and I started this two years ago and now organise it with the help of friends each year. It’s a lovely day, lots of villagers coming to help and bring apples or buy some juice. We had a few stalls this year, I sold some of our honey and some smoked cheese too. Here are a few photos.

As a teacher of RS, one of my jobs is to try to teach students about what belief is and why/how it means different people do things they (the students) may not think is correct. It’s not an easy thing to help a 13 year old understand. Do you believe in God, do you believe in something else, or nothing at all? Do you believe in the fact the sun will rise tomorrow, creation or the big bang? Most of what we do is based on belief not hard fact, often belief is backed in science, but equally many times it isn’t. Belief is open to interpretation, but if significant numbers of people believe something, it makes it more acceptable. Often, when others don’t believe in the same thing, we see intolerance, rudeness, unkind behaviours, things I feel stem from an ignorance of that difference. You can put this into any interpretation: colour, disability, religion and it manifests similarly – lack of understanding (another word for that could be education) breeds hatred at worst, pathetic scathing comments at best.

So currently there are many extinction rebellion members gluing themselves to things and generally causing a public nuisance to try to get their message across. Whether you believe in how they think or act, or not, I really don’t understand why or how leaders of our countries lower themselves to childish name calling when they feel threatened. Well, actually, I do. As I said above, lack of education in something breeds insecurity, particularly if you have your own beliefs and those being that you are superior and above others, that your life is protected somehow and different. If ‘I’ were prime minister, right now I’d be having talks with the leaders of these protests, seeing if I could engage in dialogue, help myself understand their fight. I may still not believe in what they’re doing, but to just call them ‘uncooperative crusties’, is neither helpful, intelligent or worthy of a leader, particularly one with a ‘top quality’ Eton education!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49967784

Just my belief!

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