Slowing down

Hoorah, I’ve reached half term! It’s time to take a few days to take my foot off the work pedal and do the things I’ve been itching to do all term.

Yesterday I ran a bread making course. Five friends came along and we spent a fun day making breads and rolls. It was such fun to just forget all the other stuff that needed to be done and focus on doing stuff for ourselves, learning new skills or improving current ones.

My sister and niece also came down for the weekend which meant that Saturday evening we talked and laughed for hours. All the men were away, so it was just us girls, a bottle of wine and entertainment from our teens showing us the various comedic photo filters on our phones – naturally these things are always funnier after a few glasses of a friend’s homemade apple and tangerine wine which I had traded for smoked cheese and honey earlier in the day!

This morning I felt a deep clean coming on in my bedroom. These things don’t happen often, it’s a bit like constipation…takes forever to actually arrive, needs a bit of a push to get going, but when it finally does, the relief is immense!!. I started by throwing open the windows and stripping the bed, then I went underneath the bed to clear out the books, magazines, lip balms and other random crap that ends up there…on hubby’s side there was a botanical gin kit and a blood pressure machine – oh the irony!! I then took the hoover under there. Next I decided to take down some curtains that divide our room. They’ve been up there for 7 years and over time have yellowed. I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing them for quite a while but it’s always at the bottom of the to do list, irritating the shit out of me each time I walk past, but not enough to actually do anything about at the time. Once they were down, I decided to shift some furniture around too. We have a wing back armchair and a blanket box that I switched over and once the chair was where to box was, it opened up the whole room, so I hung a plant from the curtain rail rather than new curtains and am currently really enjoying the open feeling.

I then needed to make some beeswax wraps as we’re having a stall at a Christmas fayre at the end of November and I needed to add to our ‘bee’ themed collection of wares – rolled beeswax candles, more moulded candles, honey, lip balm, bee fabric reusable make up wipes and beeswax wraps. This then…somehow…led to the need to clean the fridge…I think it’s pretty apparent that my brain works in this defunct fashion. When I was a child I had this table top game, I think it was called ‘Bacarolle’ or some such nonsense. You had a little spring loaded trigger on one side and a ball bearing. Much like a pinball machine, you fired the ball around this slightly up-sloping enclosed arena with barriers for the ball to bounce off, in the vain hope that it might end up in some scoring bay at the bottom of the game, earning you the princely sum of 5, 10, 20 or so points. This is my head. I get an idea that backfires rather like a little ball bearing, then it randomly spins and hits barriers and obstacles, sending it off in another direction miles away from both its target and where it came from. By the end of the day I’ve either gone to bed having done everything I set out to do as well as a gazillion other things I had no intention of doing or even realised needed doing, or I wander aimlessly from room to room trying really hard to remember why I got up this morning…I’m sure you get the picture!

When I have days like the former, the achievement is immense. So today I have rearranged and ‘autumn-cleaned’ my bedroom, made two more loaves of bread, made candles and wraps, rung a friend, tidied my fridge, dehydrated mushrooms and made pickled cabbage and some raw slaw and written a blog post about slowing down…oh the irony!!

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