Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Not being one for sitting still, our half term has been packed as per usual. I spent some of the first week in London with my younger two and then alone on my course and then the second week they both brought friends and we drove down to Brighton for a few days of R & R and sea air. We had intended to go to the Tate as my daughter is doing art and wanted to look at a specific collection, but when we arrived, they were charging £30 each to go into that room making it (with four) quite unaffordable. On the second day in London it was just my son and I and we headed to the Saatchi as we wanted to see the Tutankhamen exhibition. Sadly we were a week too early, so all our art plans were scuppered.

If truth be known, I get my relaxation from doing things, walking and looking at things that are aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I can spend hours exploring streets or graffiti art, watching people or the sea. Contrary to my opening paragraph, my general go-to isn’t art galleries or museums because I don’t always like the contrived nature of these set ups, nor do I like to be told that something is ‘good’ or ‘worthy of a museum’, but put me somewhere with muted colours, nature’s art gallery and the opportunity to just watch people and I’m happy. This opinion actually led to a few fun discussions over the two weeks with various people about what art actually is and how hard it can sometimes be to sit outside the rational community that tells you what you ‘should’ like just by the fact it hangs in an art gallery or it is on a syllabus that gets taught in school.

Our airBnB was one recommended to us by a friend and it lived up to every expectation. It was close to the seafront, away from the nightclubs and noise, was beautifully furnished and close to lovely cafes and restaurants. We spent a couple of days just walking into the town centre and letting the teens go off and explore while we did ours and I took hundreds of photos, without them complaining that we were boring. On the Tuesday we did the obligatory ride on the i360 and on the last day went out to Devil’s dyke for a fabulous hike over some of the Sussex downs and a pub lunch to set us up for a return to work on Monday.

So I leave you with a collection of photographs that are a part of my internal exhibition.

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