Imperfect imperfections

I was uploading some pictures to insta this morning and it struck me how much we only ever show the perfect bits of our lives. I know this isn’t a new concept and there’s probably a thesis out there on it…or you could write one! It came to mind when my daughter and I were driving to dance the other evening and were listening to the radio. The presenter was talking about captioning and influencers and she asked me what one of those was. I explained that it’s generally someone who has a lot of followers through their social media presence, either by being a celebrity in the first place or something they said or did on the internet gets them their ‘celebrity’ status. These people are then asked to promote products on their blogs or websites and they get paid for it. We talked about it and decided it must be an exhausting job over a salaried role, also how much the world would be seeing into your everyday life, criticising the dust on your floor or how you said or did something. There would be haters, weirdos and fans alike. Not only that you’d constantly be needing to seek out your next source of income and find a new product to endorse.

In this day of social peep shows, it’s so easy to only show the good stuff or, if you’re a viewer, only believe that lives are so perfect. Everyone of us who posts on social media, be it a blog, a 1m+ followers insta account, snapchat, facebook, whether we’re a huge name or a single person just documenting because they like to write or post, we are putting out there the stuff we want people to see. Of course, there are the one or two hilarious posters who will post ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’ nappies or their kids coated in sudocream (we’ve seen those too), but even then, they are posted for the reaction they obviously get and aren’t a real indication of their perpetually hilarious life!

No one is going to be totally naturalistic and post the mundane because, it’s what we all do on a daily basis and it just isn’t that interesting.

As I posted my creation on insta this morning, I realised that I would probably get some likes and some comments about ‘how lovely’ it is or ‘how on earth do I fit it all in’ like I’m some kind of bionic super-person. The thing is; I do have lovely friends (let’s get that clear, so even if they think it’s fuck awful, they won’t actually say it!), what I DIDN’T post was the fact that on Sunday my daughter made me use the F word (yes, she ‘made me’!!) 6 times in one sentence when she forgot her costume before she was about to get on the coach causing me to break a couple of laws to get it to her. Before I started sewing this morning (which I did to calm me down) I literally had to swim through about 6 inches of foul shit smelling mud in my work clothes to let out our chickens as it’s rained so much the pen has turned into a quagmire, I realised I needed to go and buy more straw and food because the idiot chickens are spraying the food all over the floor then refusing to eat it because it’s going soggy. On my day off yesterday when I thought I’d be calmly finishing off a report for my masters, it transpired I’d done it ALL WRONG! So I spent yesterday in a haze of blue cuss words re-writing it and frankly I don’t want to even see it at the moment, it can do one. My house could be insulated with dog hair right now! I have two dogs that do not seem to realise that in colder weather it is not appropriate to moult so I spend half my life cleaning with a bloody broken hoover that I’m so ‘I’m not going to landfill’ that I just kick it and swear at it rather than get it mended (or…replaced – I know, I said it!). I finished all my son’s chocolates yesterday whilst re-doing the report which meant loads of plastic wrappers and you know what…I threw them in the bin!

SO, there you have it. For all the perfection out there, be it skin, figures, lives, neutral colour schemes or white walls, healthy living and yoga pics of women/men wrapping their enormously long legs around their heads, perfect zero waste lives, perfect parenting etc there will be a further 1000 pictures of the ‘off day’ or the ‘not perfect cellulite or zit’ or the ‘plastic wrapped chocolate bar’ etc to balance it out.

Enjoy what you enjoy, delete what you don’t, don’t justify why, just be real, don’t compare, be who you are. Do what you do and do it perfectly imperfectly or imperfectly perfectly and hopefully you’ll love your life.

Right now I am off to clean my shit pile of a study which really needs to be renamed the ‘dump’ room because it is a total Monica cupboard and not that I can’t deal with it, I literally cant get through the door so it has to be done. I would post a photo for you, but honestly…I can’t be arsed!

Have a lovely week x

2 thoughts on “Imperfect imperfections

  1. I’d love to see a picture of your study πŸ˜„ can’t be worse than mine 🀣😚


    1. Ha ha. I’ve tidied it now, but it won’t be long before it’s there again, I’ll photograph it next time!


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