New year intentions

I am going to be previous and wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that you had a wonderful holiday period. We’ve all had a lot of fun in the Beehive with trips up to Edinburgh (me and the kids) and then to Brussels (me and the hubster and our best friends) both on the train as trying to keep our flight miles down a bit due to the fact we have an exciting long haul flight on the cards this coming year to visit our eldest in Australia!

I always like to use these last days in December to ‘reset’ things. Normally we’ll wait until new year to take down the tree, but it was losing needles like no one’s business for some reason, so it went out yesterday. This led me to a huge deep clean of the kitchen and utility areas, topping up of our homemade cleaners and a real purge of things we’ve not used for years giving more cupboard space and flow around the house.

I’m not one for setting resolutions due to the fact that I’ve generally failed them by March or April, but I am setting some intentions this year. I keep a diary, always have done. I don’t write what I’ve done on a daily basis, but use it more as a book of reminders and intentions for the future. It’s always fun to look back on it and see what has been achieved and what I missed, what we’ve done and planned and want to do. High on my priority list this year is to go back to jewellery classes and also to go to Yoga on a more regular basis. I also started running again over Christmas, so mean to keep that up too. By looking after my health a bit more, I’m hoping I’ll feel better mentally and physically. I think by reading through my diary and setting some new (or continuing) intentions, it’s a kind of mental deep clean too.

Wishing you the most peaceful and prosperous of New Years and see you in 2020.

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