January Pantry Challenge

Well good morning and happy ‘nearly’ last day of 2019.

I’m joining with Venison for Dinner to play ‘the pantry challenge’ this month.

For the whole of January I am not going to be buying food, rather using up the stores in the freezer. I’m mainly vegetarian but I eat fish, so once those stores are down, I will need to get my beans on!

The rules are that we can continue with the things we have delivered ie: milk and orange juice from the milkman and we have a fortnightly veg/fruit box, but aside from that, the only other staple I can buy is cheese. For the most part it’s just me and my daughter and she’s decided to do January with no meat…

I’m hoping it’ll be easier than it seems on 30th December: I make bread, yoghurt, kitchen cleaners, sauces, we have potatoes from the allotment, pickles and fermented veggies, the freezer is over flowing with pies, some meats, leftovers and probably some unrecognisable shit that I’ll need to investigate and we have pulses and some tins to keep us going a while.

I’m going to go one step further and suggest that I (we, if you’re joining me) do a ‘no buy new’ on any further items in January. Again, the exceptions will be school things needed for my daughter – books, trips, exam fees, uniform bits, but I’m hoping even for that we don’t have much to get and some bits can be repaired.

We have made two big purchases which I am going to confess to (but they fell into December) 1. We were given money for Christmas and had saved vouchers from our credit card to buy a new set of kitchen knives something we’d been hankering after for a while (I rock – new knives eh? Must be getting old) and 2. We bought a new mattress for our bed. After 10 years, back pain and a bit of nagging over the last two, hubby finally relented in the sale and we’ve bought a new one. Old one goes back to Hypnos who take it apart and reassemble as a new mattress and new one is made from Yorkshire hemp and steel (yup, hemp in grown in Yorkshire) so the carbon footprint is as small as we can make it.

I’ll keep a weekly document on here to let you know how I get on. I’d love for some of you to join me either here or via beeshomestead on instagram. Let me know in the comments if you’re on board.

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