Jumping off the treadmill for five minutes!

It’s been a busy few months, hence my silence on here for a while. Our school is putting on Les Miserables at the beginning of March and this has been taking up a lot of my time including several Sundays. The lights is now at the end of the tunnel and we’re on half term this week, so I’ve caught up with a few things I’ve been meaning to do since…well, forever!

In the aftermath of storms Ciara and Dennis we have a lot of debris that I’ve needed to clear up this week and have had to dodge the downpours to get outside and try to sort things that are desperately overdue in the garden. I have potatoes that need to go in the ground, but sadly the ground is so waterlogged that they’ll just rot right now, so I’m going to cover them with black fabric in the house to slow down the chitting, which is what they’re currently doing in egg boxes in my utility.

I have managed to do a very long overdue prune on one of our apple trees however, with the loan of a long extending pruner from my dad. I went to visit them this weekend along with a trip over to see my eldest at university. So I now have two boxes full of kindling which needs to dry out…a bit of an oxymoron at the moment in the current conditions. If I put it in a shed, it’ll just be damp and go mouldy, leave it outside and it’ll never dry! I just want this weather to do one now.

On the plus side, my rhubarb is loving its new home. My father built this cute wall for us to rehome our rhubarb which was rather awkward to get to hidden down the side of a greenhouse near a lot of brambles. I dug it all up in the autumn and put it in here with a bit of a wishful prayer. It appears that it loves this wider, more open space and the stuff at the back that is sooo pretty is the stuff that was under the forcer. I just love the colouring.

Oh yes, and cheese! I had a go making my own cheese at the weekend. It was fun, a little scary when I just had to wait patiently for the coagulation of the rennet and curds and wasn’t allowed to touch or look at it! However, the result was a very young tasting, light mozzarella which we have all enjoyed both on its own and on pizza. In light of the fact that it took 8 pints of whole milk to make just two large balls of mozzarella and i don’t have pigs to feed whey to or a cow for that much milk on a regular basis, it will not be a frequent occurrence. My other big thing was an Instant Pot! I’ve seen American bloggers and friends raving about theirs for years but I couldn’t see the point, I have a slo cooker, a yoghurt maker, a frying pan, saucepans etc…but finally I have realised that is exactly the point. Whilst my cupboard is busting with lots of gadgets, with this, I need just one. I am going to try cooking a ham in it this afternoon.

The pictures of the chair and the quilt are a couple of things I photographed in Norwich at the weekend. I just LOVE the chair, a little less the price tag, but had to photograph it. It would look so lovely in the area we’re going to turn over to extra sitting space, but ho hum… The quilt was part of an exhibition of makers at the Norwich Forum. It displays stories of compassion by various members of the public and has been sewn by one lady. I really loved the idea and it reminded me of something we had similarly on the wall of The Montessori School in Wilton at one point, although ours was painted bricks of affirmations and cherishing thoughts. I do love this kind of crafting for positivism and it looks so beautiful. My own handiwork is the last picture. These were the finished cuff links that I gave to my other half for Valentine’s this year. They really were a labour of love with the rivets. Such small rivets gave me burned fingers with drilling, lots of hunting for the teeniest pieces of silver that had flown off the bench and many hours of hand polishing. Still, I’m chuffed to bits with the end result and I think he loved them too. Now my eldest has asked for a ring in a similar vein with rivets and copper on silver…he also has really small fingers! Oh well…the things we do for love eh?

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