Leftover soup

I made a ham this week in my Instant pot which, when there are only two teens eating it meant there was quite a lot leftover. One thing that has been a hit in my house for years is turning the leftovers from this type of meal into a soup with peas. I thought I’d share the recipe with you this morning. It’s still such a blustery type of day and I’m still heartily feeling the winter blues, but this soup will warm your soul. Just to add, I take out a bowl for myself before I add the ham and will add leeks or something instead.

So, as usual, my recipes are guesstimates:

This is what I use: 1 onion, 1 potato (again this is a leftover from the ham and potato dish earlier in the week), veggie stock (around a large cup) and then I added around 400ml of the whey I had left from the cheese I made last weekend and a large tablespoon of ricotta I had left in the fridge from another thing I’d made.

Start by browning the onion and then add the potato (cubed).

After a short while add the veggie stock and the whey (or just more veggie stock if you don’t have whey, you could also add some wine to the stock).

Bring it gently to the boil and stir.

Then I added the ricotta. I don’t normally use cheese, but it was hanging around and there was only around a tablespoon, so why not?

Let it simmer for around 10 mins, then leave it to cool.

I then whizz it with my handheld blender and it’s then ready to add the ham and frozen peas, heat up until everything is cooked through and serve with some warm crusty sour dough bread. Nom nom!

I’m also experimenting with a pear and tangy cherry almond bakewell today, so if that works out, I’ll put that recipe up for you too.

Have a happy weekend x

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