Diary of a quarantined kid

So as there is little else to do, I thought I’d keep a weekly diary, if for no other reason, to keep me sane and reduce the boredom of the week.

So last night my husband came home from picking up our eldest (asthmatic and immunosuppressed) son to tell me ‘not to worry’ but he had a fever and felt shitty. Sure enough 38.5 was recorded, so we immediately sprung into action and put him in the downstairs bedroom and started the long chain of contacting people he in particular had been in contact with over the last 5 – 7 days.

First off my daughter and I were told to stay away from work/school for 7 days. Then I needed to let any groups she’d been to know. There was a feeling of pariah – ism. We are the first amongst our friends and family and community to self isolate as far as I’m aware and however much the news is saying that 80% of the population will get it, you still have that enormous feeling of guilt when you hear that others now are self isolating and missing school/work etc because OF US!!

Coming from a long line of ‘make do and menders’ the next 7 days don’t worry me from a ‘survival’ aspect. My freezer is full, I can make and invent anything we can’t get, I have pals who are going to get me bin bags as that is something I didn’t figure into my planning…his clothing needs to be bagged until he’s well and then put in the machine together by him so no one else touches it as no one is clear how long it will last on clothing from someone who has been infected. And then there’s that part – unless he gets worse, he won’t be tested, so we won’t actually even know if it was flu or Covid…the stats won’t be accurate, oh don’t be daft, the stats are not accurate even now.

So, I’ve ordered a jigsaw, set my classwork online, cleaned, fuck me I’ve cleaned so much my hands are so sore and stiff from dryness caused by the alcohol in the various sprays and cleaners, they feel like cheese straws! I’ve made bread, boiled half a cow of bones to get bone broth, opened all the windows wide so everyone well is complaining how cold it is, made him porridge with chia seeds, cinamon and honey to get whatever goodness I can in him…I’ve even taken my rugs outside and beaten them…and this my friends, is DAY ONE and it’s not even noon.

This afternoon I plan to mend some clothes that have sat in my pile forever, take the dog out for a walk staying well away from people and watch some tv I suppose, we’re also (the well ones) going to have a family game.

Stay with me, hopefully I’ll have a whole new set of ideas for day two!

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