Diary of a Quarantined Kid

Day 4

This has been the weirdest day, full of emotions from the lowest ones to upper ones.

It began last night with me having a virtual night out with one of my friends. By WhatsApp we were able to meet and chat over a glass of wine…we moaned and groaned, put the world nowhere near rights, but certainly helped our mental health.

We found time to laugh about the fact that when you’re isolating, time has no relevance. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6am or 6pm really other than the sky changes colour; the fact a diary is no longer a reminder system of things you have to do and when because when there’s no timetable, no social events to attend, there’s no need to document where or when you have to be, however, the word diary is far more relevant as contemporaneous recordings of events. I’ve found myself using my time to write with a pen…yup…they still exist, in my diary a lot more.

Cows – we laughed about cows! Well, milk really and cheese and yoghurt. It’s the one thing that hubby has always said no to is a bovine member of the family. However, after him having to refresh our milkman’s page many times this morning and swearing at the fact everything is tricky to get hold of…now who’s laughing. Bet he wishes he’d let me have a cow 😉

He is feeling much better by the way!

Then the cold light of day came around with no school, socially isolated kids and no exams for our Y11 and Y13, the thought of some of them going and potentially not teaching or seeing them again…my own son’s A levels, prom, MT production he’d got into, recall audition for a drama school, direction of a play he was putting on…all cancelled.

There have been many tears today, mine included (sorry Cate weeping on you at 7.20 in the morning !!) However, there have been positives, I’ve leapt rather ungainly into the world of virtual and online teaching. I’ve actually managed to teach one class today and ‘popped in’ to two others to see how things were going. My neck now aches from all the screen time and leaning forward into cameras I’ve done, so I’m going to have some time away from the computer now.

Stay well all and keep smiling

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