Diary of a Quarantined Kid,day ?! no idea

Surrealism definitely meant something very different to me prior to Sunday last week. I would have matched it to ‘art’ had it come up in a word association game. Instead now, I associate it with the closure of my kids’ schools, my work for the ‘foreseeable future’ whatever that means and…if I’ve learned anything from my few days of navel gazing, it is that you don’t even TRY to analyse what anything means anymore because no one knows!!

My son is now in limbo as he doesn’t know if he will get to Australia in June for his year at the University of Melbourne, he has already lost his fieldtrip to Chile, but is actually being incredibly mature about it all. I think I would have done an awful lot more kicking and screaming by now…maybe I need to catch at least THAT from him?

The middle one is wondering quite what his ‘A levels’ will bring him. Whilst his predicted were quite good, his mocks were more erratic due to him missing them due to auditions for drama school and rehearsals for his contemporary production he did last week. He did eventually sit them, but they definitely weren’t a reflection of what he would have done. That said, the response from Bojo is probably as fair as one could have expected. He also feels hugely robbed of his prom, the MT production he got into and his trip to Cambodia in the summer, but again, is being really magnanimous about it all – shit…they are mine, I promise!

The little one (can’t really call her that), however, is more like me. Her eyes are constantly red from crying. She misses her friends, she’s a real social butterfly and is struggling to remain balanced, bearing in mind she’s already had a week off so to speak. I’ve cried with her after being sent a video of the teacher’s singing group entertaining the students this lunchtime with a final goodbye rendition of ‘You’ve got a friend’. I was singing my part with you guys and waving adieu 😦

I feel so desperately sorry for the ‘Covid-generation’ as they’re likely to be labelled in years to come. However, now is the time to learn how to cope with desperate disappointment and find the joy in the smallest of things, something we have perhaps all lost a bit through our instant gratification life and things ‘being on demand’.

In my life I’ve ‘taught’ a couple of classes today, testing out the TEAMS system which is weird, but we’ll get there, I’ve zoom conferenced a private student, bought 4 more chickens which are being distance dropped tomorrow (lol!) as I can’t keep up with egg demand in the village and tonight we are having beer, in takeaway cartons, from our local pub!! What can I say? Mad times!

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