It’s been a roller coaster in the Beehive this week with my middle child turning 18 and no longer being my middle child, but my younger adult! We’ve had socially distanced gatherings of family and friends with cakes and curries for 10+ people at times! He had a group of 5 friends around and they camped in the garden to ensure we kept within the policy.

Now we’re slowly returning to a slower pace and I spent some time weeding on the allotment yesterday to discover that in my absence of around 3 days, I have courgettes that are going crazy, lettuces coming out of everywhere and the potatoes will see us for a year! I also manage to get a bunch of flowers each week (sometimes twice) from what I grow for a short season.

I do love this time of year for watching it all come to fruition, but then there’s the crazy ‘how am I going to store/preserve’ all this panic that I have. Each week during the summer we use it fresh, but towards the end we’ll want to dig it up and store it.

I’ve started some sauerkraut off and will also make some ratatouille this week as we always get through this during the winter. I also have a vegetable/fruit delivery once a week just because it often delivers stuff I don’t/can’t grow and this week we’ve got peaches. I made peach jam with the last lot we had as no one here likes to eat them due to the skins – I LOVE the taste, but the texture makes me gag! So if anyone has any thoughts on preserving them that isn’t jam, wine or pie, PLEASE let me have your recipe!

Oh and the youngest Beehive and I went to a drive in movie at the weekend! It was a first for us, yes, even after living many years in the States, we have not experienced a drive in movie! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of ‘sing along’ Grease (albeit my adult head was baulking at the lyrics and some of the concepts that were ‘acceptable’ when this was made!) and I’m hoping that Mr Beehive and I might make another one in August!

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