Autumnal days

We’re back at the start again, well, that’s how teachers see September. I’m now back in the classroom, albeit a very unusual classroom these days, but it’s good to have a reactive audience rather than feeling I’m teaching to a screen of names without faces (or very few faces). But I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to let you know about the fact that we are now selling our honey (whilst it’s available) to UK mainland customers via this page

If you use the form to let me know that you have ordered, I will mail out. Mailings will happen on Thursdays and Saturdays. Then you pay for the honey via the paypal link. If you want more than one jar, please use the form again to let me know and I’ll then send you an invoice, alternatively you can just use the paypal button twice.

If anyone using wordpress knows how to get the tab for the shop to show on my front page I’d be really grateful because I have spent over an hour this morning try to figure it out!

Over time I hope to add more bits and pieces to the shop; beeswax wraps, candles and some of my silver jewellery. I also hope that once we are free from Covid to open up my sour dough classes again.

Right, that’s it. I have beetroot and squash in the oven and a glut of tomatoes that need turning into pasta sauce for the freezer. Have a lovely weekend

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