Final Autumn Days.

We went away!!

I know!

One single night, but it was lovely. Mr Beehive booked us into a lovely old manor house hotel with a spa. It was only 50 miles from home, so we spent time meandering down through the Cotswold countryside admiring the last sightings of the beautiful colours of autumn on the trees before the wind and winter took them victim. We pretended to be Nordic and jumped in and out of the sauna and into freezing ice until our skin tingled, walked 6 miles in blustery wind and persistent rain to be greeted by beautiful vistas, muntjacs, woodpeckers, gorgeous fluffy faced sheep and a full double rainbow at the top. We ate strawberries in chocolate, drank prosecco and fell asleep during a spa treatment. Pure indulgence! It’s funny how appreciative you become of these small things when you’re in the middle of chaos around you elsewhere. I have struggled with the fact that everywhere I turn there is disaster, fear, chaos, worry and therefore it’s often hard to find the brightness behind the cloud that is over the world right now. I have children scattered in different parts of the UK in different tiers and am due to go back to work on Monday to a term that is usually so happy and sparkly as we prepare for the festive season as a music department and school yet will be shadowed by not being able to perform together. Hence, finding just a bit of space for us this week has been uplifting and more than welcome.

I’ve updated my shop today, I have one skep candle left as they’re flying off the shelves and I will be putting a few more soaps in later this week including a honey and goat’s milk topped with calendula and a raspberry exfoliating soap. If you’re local to me, please send me a message via here, Instagram or FB (as the costs here on the website include postage) and you can pick up or I can drop off if I’m close by. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly gifts for family, friends, teachers, stockings, the soaps might be just what you’re looking for. I mail as best as I can, in environmentally friendly packaging, if I do use any plastic, it is reused from plastic that I receive in packages, so hopefully you can then repurpose it yourself.

I hope you’re enjoying a lovely week, end of half term and that you’re finding time for yourself whilst things continue madly around us.

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