It’s been a long time. If I’m honest I just haven’t been feeling the love for life as I usually do. Christmas was messed around due to the virus and we weren’t able to have my sister and family or parents come for the festive season and then both my husband and I are now recovering from the virus ourselves, which has been slow and we’re so, so tired. For all the naysayers out there, this virus is real, please mask up, please wash your hands regularly and please just take it seriously! Also, to add to this, my symptoms took longer to recognise as they were not what the NHS website described, so therefore I didn’t think I could get tested. My main symptoms were a splitting headache that was continuous for days – like a migraine, pressure and soreness behind my eyes and insomnia. If you are waking up with a banging headache or are just not sleeping well, get checked! I’m now left with exhaustion and climbing the stairs sometimes is fine, other times it’s like conquering Everest! I didn’t have a temperature – in fact my temperature was lower than normal temperature!! I didn’t have a cough.

Anyway, enough of that, just take care!

I wanted to let you know that I am going to be updating my ‘Health, Wellbeing and Reducing Waste’ page as I have discovered some new gems over the last few months that I want to share with you. If you’ve tried and tested, let me know!

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