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Honey 1lb jar

Current season’s honey. This may be runny, firm or creamed depending on the bees’ foraging that season. We do nothing to our honey other than filter. Everything is natural. DO NOT feed honey to under 12 months of age.

8.50 £

Hand rolled candle

Hand rolled candles that can be moulded to fit medium sized candlestick holder. DO NOT leave unattended or use when not secure in a designated holder. Please note these are not from the wax of our bees, but are hand rolled by me.

5.00 £

Bee Skep Candle

Moulded skep candle from our own bees’ wax. Colours may vary depending on the season and the flowers that were used for foraging. Now available

5.00 £


Goat’s milk soap with lavender

Goat’s milk soap with lavender from our smallholding.

3.50 £

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